News: Rich gets Pneumonia, SCRATCH plays without him!
It was a very up and down few weeks for the band. After a week of R&R, we were scheduled to play 4 shows in 7 days.
Our first show at Osiris Cafe, was postponed due to a problem at the Club (we hope to back there real soon)!
Last week we were supposed to play:
• private party (Wed)
• Molly Darcy’s (Thurs)
• The Field (Sat)
Over the last two weeks, Rich had been sick. And his sickness turned into Pneumonia! He thought he could play Wednesday. He tried and we got through the show (Rich sounded great as usual). Luckily due to the event, we did not have to play that long because at some point the effort became too much for Rich. Also, we were unable to do many of our most powerful tunes due to strain on Rich’s lungs!
But after the show, Rich knew he could not do Thursday at Molly Darcy’s, so we cancelled. But we will be back at Molly’s on a Friday, Nov 3rd, we hope to see you.
Rich hoped to rest and be better for Saturday at The Field.
However come Saturday Rich was still unable to do much and under doctor’s orders to not exert himself. So here we were, without a singer on show day! What were we to do?
Scott saves the day!
We did not want to cancel so Jim and I thought of asking Scott (a singer/guitar player in another band of Jim’s, Tinn Shack), to fill in. It was a long shot, but what the hell.
Scott was available on the short notice and we set to planning. Scott is not a front man and although he sings well, is not a “lead singer”.
We planned out what songs we could all sing and set to work the afternoon before the show to become “ALMOST SCRATCH”!
With a few hours of rehearsal, we went to the show and got ready to play. Greg actually started off the show singing “Wish you were here”, for Rich. Greg has never sung an opening song before!
But crowd reaction was instantly good and we played the night away taking turns singing, jamming, etc.
Mark also debuted playing acoustic drums, and they sounded great, I think they are a keeper!
So we had plenty of songs and a good show. Thank you Scott for saving the day and for making it a fun adventure. Maybe the opportunity will come again for us to do this again, or maybe even try this as a 5-piece!
We wish Rich a speedy recovery (he is feeling better) Look for him to play with us at or next show, October 21st at The Temple Bar! Come Show your support for him!
For the record, here is our set list, and who filled-in for Rich.
The story behind the headline
Monday, October 16, 2006
Set 2
Black Magic Woman - Greg
Times like these - Scott
Pink Houses - Jim
1985 - Scott
What I got - Scott (& guest)
Driftaway - s
Santeria - s
Funky Music - s
Brown Eyed Girl - s
Takin care of business - g
Sweet Home Alabama - s
You May Be Right - s
Good Lovin - s
Set 1
Wish you were here - Greg
The Joker - Scott
Cinnamon Girl - Greg
Bright Lights - Scott
Friend of the Devil - Greg
Tangled up in blue - Jim
Losing My Religion - Scott
Plush - Scott
Hard to handle - Scott
Come Together - Scott
Wild Nights - Greg
Stray Cat Strut - Greg
Bad case of lovin you - Scott
American Girl - Scott
Songs we did not get to
Tush  - Scott
Moondance - Scott
Margaritaville - Scott
I will follow - Greg
Your mama don’t dance - Scott
Some kind of wonderful - Scott
Mustang Sally - Scott
Saw her standing there - Scott
Payin the cost...boss - Greg
Roadhouse Blues - Scott
Rock & Roll All Night - Greg
Sympathy for the devil - Greg
Comfortably Numb - Jim, Scott, Greg