Tiernan’s - Stamford, CT
Well our debut at Tiernan’s in Stamford was a great success! Either we are becoming a real draw or Tiernan’s is a real popular bar in Stamford (more likely story).
We played a real long show (almost 4 straight hours), starting at 10:00 and keeping the place packed right till 2:00 with only 1 short break. People were dancing, partying and going crazy. It was great fun and so much fun to play to a packed house that is enjoying the show!!!
We had one guy start singing to into our floor speaker, thought he was going to start making out with it. Had another come up to sing Happy Birthday but during American Girl he was getting a bit out of hand!!! Had a third (drunk) guy come lead the crowd in the Proclaimers “I would walk 500 Miles”. That was fun.
Late in the 2nd set the bar sent us some shots. We don’t drink that much but it sure loosened up the band - especially Greg, he was almost ready to head dive into the stage!
Thanks to everyone who showed up to our recent shows. It was great seeing you and we appreciate it. HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL FROM THE BAND!
Recently we played Osiris Cafe in Ansonia. Osiris is a great room, unfortunately did not have a strong walk in crowd. That’s a shame cause we sounded real good in there, it has a great stage and lighting. But we had a number of people come out there to see us and that made our night. We want to send out a BIG thank you to the FLYING BEAVERS! They made it all worthwhile. The Flying Beavers are launching a book on Jello Shot recipes. We’ve tried ‘em and trust us, they’re GOOD! More info and hopefully some co-promotion, coming soon. Stay tuned for details.
Jim also plays in a band called Tinn Shack. They played Friday at the Black Duck and Greg caught the show. He wanted to comment on how good they sounded and that they are a good bunch of guys. If you like good classic rock, played well (good guitar playing and rhythm section), check ‘em out. They can be found at http://www.tinnshack.com
Don’t do shots while performing!
Saturday, December 9, 2006