The long cold winter is over!
Well the winter was a learning and growing time for Scratch. We played a number of fantastic shows (Thanksgiving at The Field, Tiernan’s, Stonebridge, Molly Darcy’s and more... We also had a share of duds (we’ll leave then unnamed). We learned that a place for known for good live music is priceless and are focusing only on those venus.
We had a long break in March. First we took some rest, then Rich got sick, then we had a blizzard, before you know it we had almost 6 weeks off! But at least our batteries are recharged.
Also, moving equipment in the cold sucks but playing to a good crowd when its cold outside is great!!! We wanted to thank everyone who has supported the band. Your support means a lot to us - its not all fun and glamor.
Moving forward we have some great shows lined up. Starting with the Beachhouse in Greenwich, Rivercat Grill, Tiernan’s, SBC, O’Neills, The Field, Z’s Corner Cafe, Crabshell and more!
Also, you need to come hear the upgraded Scratch sound. Mark has a new drum kit. It is awesome! Also, Greg’s vintage Fender amp blew and he has revamped his amp and sound with a new Mesa Boogie.
Special show coming up. Yes, Tinn Scratch is back! Rich has to be out of town so Scott is filling in again. A train wreck not to be missed!
We hope to see in the warmer months.
Greg, Jim, Rich & Mark (aka SCRATCH!)
Scratch Happens!
Wednesday, April 4, 2007