The Duck
The setup…
I’ve been going to the Black Duck for almost 20 years.
I have never seen a band at the Duck let alone played. When I was a 20-somethin’, and went out every weekend, you went to the Duck to start the night (they never had bands). Then you went to Masters to see what was up (they had the live music), then went back to the Duck late.
So, on to the night…
Thanks to the all the people who came to see us! There were quite a few of you!!! I am not sure you came to see us or just re-visit the Duck. Either way, we were happy to play for you.
Rohan (Mr. Suave, aka “The Thunder from Down Under”), did a great job fillin-in, he got through everything we threw at him including “Holiday”, which we never rehearsed!
Good job man, and thanks!
Thanks to the Black Duck staff for taking great care of us! You guys were great to us and the Band appreciates it.
Hope to see you guys back at the Duck soon!
Note the Duck’s in the photo!
Saturday, September 23, 2006