Full House at Molly Darcy's
Our first weekend headline at Molly Darcy’s. We had played there a few times mid-week with mixed results. Sometimes the place was busy, other times we brought most of the crowd in.
Weekends were supposed to be BIGGER, but how much? We did not know. We put the promotion in place, hoping at least we would get a decent turnout from our supporters.
Rich was back in full voice, and sounded great, we were glad after his bout with pneumonia.
We added about 7 new songs to our set list, some heavier alt rock tunes including:
• My Own Worst Enemy • Come out and Play (Keep ‘em Separated) • Good
• Holiday • Semi-Charmed Life • I don’t want to be • Mary Jane’s Last Dance
We started with dance rock and never let up. The crowd was on the floor dancing and partying all night. It got so crazy that for the 3rd set I could not even get back through the crowds to reach the stage!
The energy was awesome and the crowd response was great! We were pushing our system volume to the max to get enough sound out to the crowd. Can you say equipment upgrades?
We think at least 500 people must have come through the doors, there were people everywhere, all night, and Molly’s is not small!
We have posted some pictures on the home page from our last two shows (Temple & Molly’s). As you can see the crowds were great and the energy was high.
Check out the Scratch Pictures link to see many more images! Or just click here!
Next week (Nov 10) is Stonebridge, we hope to see you there to check out our new songs, sounds and stage show!
Awesome Crowd, Awesome Party!
Friday, November 3, 2006